Manufacture of e-bikes

E-bike is designed to carry patrol guard service at sanatorium and tourist zone either with long patrol roads or take long bicycle excursion at the open air, fishing expeditions and hunting trips (under conditions of minor modifications).

E-bike gearing is made with the help of power-wheel and epicyclic gear-train reducer, power 1kW, which allows to speed up to 40 km/h. Accumulator battery of increased capacity allows move off-roading at one full charge — not less than 90km.

E-bike is equipped with variable regimes stroboscopic lights and loud speaker with possibility to make aural center frequency. The support arm is installed on the hand wheel to put portable transceiver.

In order to provide emergency assistance, a first aid kit and a container of water are located in the trunk container. E-bike has a lot of advantages:

  • noiseless movement;
  • absence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere;
  • distinctive design;
  • simplicity in operation.
Peculiarities and technical parameters
E-bike «Filin»/«Filin-1»
Max. speed, km/h6040
Cruising range at one chargeNot less than 150Not less than 90
Wheel size26»
Carrying capacity, kg120
Weight, kg4939
E-bike gearingChain-drive, 7 gearsChain-drive, 1 gear
SpringinessFront suspension
Front brakeDisk type
Back brakeDisk type
— Rated power, W;
— Rated voltage, V.
Li-Ion accumulator battery
— Rated voltage, V;
— Volume, A/h.

Peculiarities and advantages:

  • LED-optics;
  • Full battery charge – 5 hours;
  • Cross –country tires;
  • Possibility of motion mode changing (gears);
  • Strengthened shock absorber;
  • Wheels with strengthened radius and rim.