Manufacture of LED light fixture SK-1

Light fixture can be done in two variants: blacking-out (with LED modules of white and blue lights) or without blacking-out (with LED modules of white light).
Light fixture can be installed on the supporting surface (ceiling or floor) and fixed to the proper location of the light fixture type PT-37. Light fixture corresponds with the requirements of SAUS, group 1.7 for the equipment which operates on the move. It is designed in the following way “NF” with the following changes:
  • reduced ambient operating temperature – minus 40 ̊ С;
  • maximum permissible reduced ambient operating temperature – minus 40 ̊ С;
  • increased ambient operating temperature – plus 40 ̊ С;
  • maximum permissible ambient operating temperature – plus 50 ̊ С;
  • high air humidity – relative humidity up to 98% at temperature (25 ± 2) ̊ С.
Light fixture level of radiated radio interference corresponds to the SAUS requirements CISPR 15-2014. Main technical characteristics:
Overall dimensions
Width, mm 130
Height, not more than, mm 34
Weight, not more, kg 0,4
Power supply voltage, V 27
Useful current, mA
White light, not more than 280
Blue light, not more than 65
Illumination of the surface at
the distance 1 m, not less than 80
resource, h 20 000
protection level, IP IP30